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Meet the Standout Creators From the #VogueBeautyHalloween 2022 Challenge.

"If Halloween felt particularly long this year it’s because it was. The fact that October 31st fell on a Monday meant that many festivities got underway on Friday night, and in some cases as early as Thursday. But for most revelers—our third annual #VogueBeautyHalloweenchallenge participants among them—the extended holiday just meant more opportunities to show up in your spookiest, scariest, and campiest best. See some of this year’s most creative looks, and maybe even get a head start on ideating your look for next year’s #VogueBeautyHalloween. #regram @mmusse"

This image was created in April of 2022 in Sarasota , FLorida with an talented group of individuals (credits below). I resisted posting this image until the #voguebeautyhalloween challenge because I thought it was super special and timing is everything. I have been wishing for this opportunity and have entered since the challenge started in 2020. Thank you Vogue Beauty and Vogue Magazine for making my childhood, teenage and adult dreams come true!!

Halloween + Vogue + Beauty + Magazine = (literally EVERYTHING!!!) DREAM COME TRUE. All of the above describes my soul! I wish everyday could be Vogue Halloween! <3


Creative Director @paulmacspecial

Headpiece + Neckpiece + stylist @paulmacspecial

Colorist/ hairstylist @cicelydoesmyhair

Makeup by me @mmusse & @dang_hair_ 🦋

Creative direction: @paulmacspecial

Photography bang my hair




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